Product Review: Make Up For Ever Powder Blush in Candy Pink 85


A few summers ago in beautiful Aruba, Cher turned me on to MAC’s Dollymix blush. A shade so much brigher than my normal blush, I was shocked at my instantaneous addiction to it.

After a quick few months using Too Faced Full Bloom Ultra Flush Blush in Who’s Your Poppy the time came for something new, something more Spring and more colorful. While tempted to go back to Dollymix, I consider it more a full swing Summer blush due to the location of my first encounter. I decided on Make Up For Ever’s Powder Blush in Candy Pink.

Here’s the review
1 to 5 stars, 1 being lowest, 5 being the highest.

Color: descirbes this color as a soft, candy pink. This holds true on your skin but gets slightly muted with a sweep of bronzer. A subtle shimmery glimpse of pink is left, which is perfect for Spring time. Your face looks fresh, radiant and awake without being too bright. 4 stars
Staying Power: With a little base from your primer this product stays put and pigmented all day long (quite impressive). 5 stars
Application: This product goes on effortlessly. Just load up your brush with your desired amount of color, sweep on your bones and dab on your apples! 5 stars
Cost: Make Up For Ever’s blush sits in the middle range of what I like to spend at $19. 4 stars
Overall: I would give this blush 4.5 stars. The color is pretty perfect for this time of year.

Cher’s current cheek obsession is all about red. Are you a red or pink blush lover?


4 Responses to “Product Review: Make Up For Ever Powder Blush in Candy Pink 85”

  1. I’m all about pinks (and rose golds – kind of a blush/bronzer hybrid). Years ago I read a beauty tip that faking a “natural tan” can be best achieved by sweeping a neutral pink blush on the cheeks, nose and brow bones. In college I went overboard with this concept (along with bronzer. Like cheap, Rite Aid bronzer. Le sigh.) and looked like an overcooked pancake for a good 3 semesters. I’ve since learned my lesson, but the shimmery pink blushes are still a part of my routine. My faves are The Balm’s universal blush and Lorac’s light pinks.

    • I’m totally guilty of overdoing the bronzer. My mom used to call me the copper Tin Man. Lesson learned. But this pink/bronze duo thing sounds perfect! -Lauren

  2. 3 amy

    what a pretty color! i used to be afraid of blush and would only wear bronzer, but recently i bought chanel’s blush in “02 rose bronze” and i love it – it’s a nice, soft golden pink. i haven’t used my bronzer since!

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