Eco-Chic-ify Your Closet!


“Going Green” never goes out of style. Cher and I are both completely supportive of the Green Movement. Taking baby steps every day like riding public transportation (yay Cher!) or buying some organic groceries, are just a few small things you can do to help Mother Earh. We’re far from saving the planet here at EBF, but we’re upping the ante this week by exposing some seriously eco-chic items we’re currently lusting over, in honor of Earth Day.

Today I’m revealing my favorite clothing picks on any budget. Check ’em out…

Teal Windy City Romper Dress, $48.95

Hazelnut Striped Poncho, $98.95

Nixxi Breeze Dress, $200

Elroy Cypress Shorts, $49.99

Second Eco by Yoga Jeans 2100 Skinny Organic Denim, $120

upcycled eco friendly tattered dress . drops of jupiter, $329

Womens Clothing Bow Scarf Top Knit in Pale Pink Blush, $48

Pretty Birdie’s Perfect Blazer, $260

Womens Clothing Top Cotton Knit Organic with Tie Belt in Beige Latte Eco-Friendly, $32

Tencel Twill Women’s Trouser Pant from Kali, $190

One of my favorite things about Earth Day in the last handful of years is the release of a new Disney Nature movie. I watch Oceans ondemand like I’ve never seen it before, found myself captivated by Afrian Cats and this year I’m amped to check out Chimpanzee. See this adorable flick in the first week of opening and Disney Nature will make a donation to the Jane Goodall Institute to help protect chimps. What’s your fave thing about Earth Day?


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