Denim, Denim, Denim


Spring is in full swing here in the Northeast. And this week we’re dishing on our 5 must have Spring staple textures/fabrics. Today I’m serving up my take on Springtime denim.

Lauren’s 5 fave ways to integrate denim into your everyday Spring attire:

1. White Jeans – I’m so obsessed with white jeans- boot cut, skinny, straight, boyfriend, trouser or all of the above! White jeans look bananas with a bright top and wedges. They’re the perfect Spring staple to carry you into Summer.
Try these out: 1969 sexy boot jeans, $59.50

2. Classic Jean Jacket – A great little denim jacket or vest adds mega character to an ensemble. It’s classic American meets whatever you make it by dressing it up or down. Pair with a printed, frilly dress and flat sandals for running around on the weekends or with trousers and a blouse for a subtle chic work look. This investment is surely one you want to make!
Try this out: 1969 denim jacket, $69.50

3. Floral Denim – I couldn’t be more thrilled that floral denim is back in style! When I was in middle school I had the sweetest pair of Guess floral denim shorts. Yum! Pair floral shorts with a cute tee, cardigan and some strappy gladiators. What could be cuter?
Try these out: Floral Stretch Denim Shorts, $19.80

4. Colored Jeans – Cher and I both love colored denim! With a rainbow of colors available in an array of styles, there’s surely a pair out there for everyone. I die for the lighter colors like soft peach or canary yellow. But I’m starting to come around to the bolder hues.
Try these out: ZELDA JEAN LEGGING, $79.90

5. Boyfriend Jeans – I was never really a fan of traditional capris. They cut the leg off at an odd place and if you have cankles like me, it’s not a good look. The solution? Boyfriend jeans baby! The cuff at the bottom helps to balance out for a more sturdy look without the harsh cut off capris offer up. Not to mention their slouchy nature is super comfy but completely work appropriate with some sky high heels and a great blazer. What could be better?
Try these out: 1969 sexy boyfriend jeans, $79.95

Which denim piece is your Springtime fave?


3 Responses to “Denim, Denim, Denim”

  1. 1 Lorraine

    nobody wore white jeans like Jackie O!

  2. OK so I was just ranting about how it’s impossible for a boyfriend jean to look good and I had filed it under a trend I just can’t stand, but the style you girls have featured here looks super cute AND flattering! I’m totally going to the Gap to try these on now!

    I also don’t know how I don’t own a denim jacket or a pair of white jeans, but that needs to change sometime soon. Thank you for this inspirational post! 🙂

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