Wedding Belles: Hope to See you Hair!


This week starts our mega wedding theme Cher and I have been planning since we rolled out this whole “weekly theme” idea. Wedding season is starting to ramp up like crazy, and one of our very dearest friends is getting hitched 4th of July weekend. Needless to say, we are all buzzing with ideas about dresses, hair and make up, shoes, bachelorettes, showers, gifts, and just about everything else under the wedding sun! If any of you out there are experiencing this very exciting time too with your gals, we hope this series really helps you out!

Over breakfast this past weekend with the bride to be, she mentioned having a rough time finding hair styles to suit her locks. Never fear Kris, I got your back! I’ve been extensively researching many ideas and came out finding some precious gems. Grouped by style: down, half up half down, classic buns and the ever so popular braids, here are my fave wedding hair looks for both brides and bridesmaids. Enjoy!

(photos courtesy of and Belle Magazine)

Down Looks

Half up/ Half down Looks

Bun Looks

Braided Looks
(my personal fave!)

If you’re a bride to be, bridesmaid or dreaming of your special day, tell me, what’s your favorite wedding hair style?


2 Responses to “Wedding Belles: Hope to See you Hair!”

  1. 1 krista

    Hmm…which style will I choose? Great work, Lauren!

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