Wedding Belles: In Favor of These!


One of the things I love most about wedding season are the bridal showers. They are a fun way for the gals to get together, catch up, and shower the bride in all the items necessary to start a new life together with the groom.

I truly believe that a great way to tell the guests a little about the bride’s personality is through the favors. Many of the guests may only know her slightly, and some may not have seen her for many years… so having a personalized shower favor may be a fun and unexpected way to get to know the blushing bride.

Here are a few of my favorite shower favor ideas:

1. OPI Nail Polish

I think this favor is brilliant for the fashionista bride-to-be! Giving your guests an OPI (or any polish) that is either in the accent color of the wedding-to-be, a complementing color to the accent color, or a shade of blush or nude (shown above) is the perfect way for your bridal shower guests to feel like they are a part of the wedding. Just wrap each bottle in tulle and it’s a super cute favor!

2. Bud Vases

I love the idea of giving each guest a bud vase filled with a single flower to take home, especially if the bride-to-be is an outdoors fanatic. It doubles as decoration during the shower itself and allows the guests to take a little piece of the shower home with them. If you’re feeling creative, you can even etch the bud vases yourself with a simple DIY tutorial from Pinterest.

3. Cookie Cutters or a Cooking Utensils (Spatula, Whisk, Measuring Spoons)

If the bride-to-be is an avid baker or chef, this favor idea is the perfect complement to one of her favorite hobbies. I think leaving a basket of cooking utensils at the door upon exit, with a love quote attached to each one, is a perfect gift that is guaranteed to be used by guests!

4. Personalized Deck of Cards or Sports Trading Cards

Your blushing bride may be the biggest Yankee fan or a poker shark at the casino, so this favor is perfect for celebrating them! A playing card with the bride’s picture and stats about her or the wedding to come is so cute that the guests would want to hang it on their fridge. A deck of cards with the bride and groom’s monogram is also a favor that will stay in the guests’ game room for years to come.

5. Wine Glass Charms

If the bride-to-be loves drinking wine with her friends or her future groom, then this is the perfect favor! The best thing about wine glass charms is that if you don’t want to purchase them, this is something that the bridesmaids can also make together on a Friday night over some conversation and Sangria. Tie up six in a little bag and you have yourself a favor!

What’s the most fun favor you’ve ever received at a bridal shower or wedding?

– Cher


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