Product Review: Too Faced Beauty Balm


Beauty balms have been all the rage lately in the beauty industry. And why not? With the hot, sticky summer in full swing the last thing we want to do is cake on layers upon layers of face makeup resulting in nothing but sweat and break outs. I decided to change out my current face routine consisting of NARS primer, NARS illuminator, Urban Decay bronzer and Tarina Tarantino blush for the lighter alternative- beauty balm.

Sephora has a Top Beauty Balm list going and with careful consideration I chose Too Faced’s BB- a multi-benefit BB cream that tints, primes, nourishes, prevents, and protects skin in one easy step. I’m only a few days into using this product and I already notice a difference in my skin in so many ways. I’m less oily throughout the day, the skin clearing components in this product really work (bye bye black heads and would be monster zits) and best of all, this product blends so seamlessly into my complexion I practically look bare faced! I purchased the “Beach Glow” color since it’s summer and I’ve been spending all my free time soaking up as much sun as possible. Another great feature about this product is that since there is SPF in it, you can wear it to the beach! A factor that came into consideration as I will be vacationing next week in Cape Cod, MA.

So enough yammering on about this product, here’s my review…

The Review (one to five stars, one being the lowest, five being the highest)

Application: Like I mentioned above, this product goes on seamlessly. I dab it on my face in 5 spots then work in with my finger tips but you could also use a make up sponge. At first the color seems a bit much but once you blend, you’re good to go. The only down side to this product here is that the bottle gets super messy at the tip and in the cap. This annoys me because it’s a waste of the product. I’m hoping they change the packaging the next time I need to restock. 4.5 stars
Color: This product is available in 4 blendable shades- Vanilla Glow, Cream Glow, Nude Glow and Beach Glow. I adore the Beach Glow for the summer months but will be opting for the more natural looking Nude Glow as the fall sets in. There’s an option for everyone which is hard to find with some products. 5 stars
Staying Power: I apply this product to my face around 6:30 am and by 6:30 pm it still looks like I JUST put it on. I’m using less matte sheets with this product, and finding my nightly make up scrub off routine easier with less residue on my towelette. 5 stars
Cost: 1.5 oz will run you $32. To me, this is a savings if you add up my primer ($36), illuminator ($32) and bronzer ($26). For a $62 cost savings, I consider this product a winner! 5 stars
Overall: With pretty close to a perfect score I urge you to run out and buy this product. If you are looking for a light feeling, skin clearing, and easy to use face product- look no more!

Have you tried any BB Creams? If so, what’s your fave?


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