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Cher and Lauren in Boston

eye.blink.fashion is brought to you from the minds of Cherie and Lauren, best friends who met in their college Chaucer class. The 2 English majors and lovers of all things girly and glam, needed a creative outlet to share their passion for fashion, and beauty with the rest of the world. Get their tips & tricks, do’s & don’ts all here!


Like many of you out there, my obsession with fashion started as a young girl. I would sit in my grandparents’ living room and sketch outfits for hours on end until I had an acceptable look book in my possession. Evening gowns, outfits, shoes, hairstyles – you name it, I’ve sketched it. My grandfather collected these designs over the years – there are hundreds and hundreds of them – and although some are interesting to say the least (I blame the 90s!), these designs showcase my utter passion for the fashion industry.

Fast forward twenty years later and you are likely to find me talking about email security and hackers at my “day” job in Boston, but I am still one of the biggest fashion addicts out there. From being completely obsessed with runway to “realway” designers and knowing and practicing beauty trends inside and out, I would say fashion and I are in a long-term relationship that will never end. And although I’ll admit to some poor fashion choices over the years, there is something inside me that inherently knows fashion, trends, and beauty. So I teamed up with my very good friend (and some other awesome guest bloggers!), to share some of our style insight with the world.

Favorite Designers: Alexander McQueen, MiuMiu, Philip Lim – a mix of edgy and classic pieces that are built to transcend through decades of trends

Beauty Must Haves: Can I only pick three?! Dior Forever Foundation – it creates the most flawless complexion, NARS Orgasm/Laguna blush set, It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product for soft and manageable hair

Wardrobe Must Haves: Nude patent leather pumps, vintage men’s ‘President’ Rolex, and a black tailored blazer

Favorite Scents: Burberry Brit and Coco Mademoiselle, forever and always.

Lauren and Cher at Keys to the City, New Haven, CT


From the start, I loved all things glam. My childhood was spent playing hair dresser on my Barbie Loves Beauty Styling head, and dressing up as various Disney Princesses. I was also caught stealing my mom’s heels just about everyday. I can still picture my fave pair: plum, velour booties with a side zipper and 3 inch heel. I LOVED the sounds they made against the hardwood floor and linoleum; I remember saying to her, “Mom, when you die, can I have these?” (Morbid I know, but true). I remember seeing my mom’s half full bottles of Dior “Poison” on her dresser, and dousing myself in the intoxicating scent I snuggled up to at night. My lethal attraction to glam was instantaneous and eternal.

All these years later (and purple bootie-less), my interest in fashion and beauty evolved into a passionate love. So, starting this blog with Cher seemed like a no brainer, and not to mention, a great distraction from “real life.” There’s so much to be said about all the trends– in, out and upcoming, clothes, products and more; and I’m excited to share my thoughts on all of them! .

Favorite Designers: Michael Kors, Max Azria and Herve Leger. (please check out Michael’s new site, created by him. Can you say FAB?!)

Beauty Must Haves: NARS Laguna Bronzer, NARS Striptease lip gloss and MAKEUP FOREVER Smokey Lash Mascara.

Wardrobe Must Haves: Oversized leather carry all bag (slouchy yet structured) in a classic color like black or chocolate brown, over the knee, black, leather high heeled boots, and a tuxedo-inspired black pinstripe blazer.

Favorite Scents: Issey Miyake L’eau D’Issey and Marc Jacobs Lola.

Another night at Keys!

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    You’re both adorable 🙂 Love you!

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