I ran out of foundation recently and found myself at CVS making an impulse decision on a new one. I’m typically a bit more prepared than that when it comes to my foundation, and I even usually have backups in my makeup drawer just in case. However, this time I found myself in a bind and looked towards Rimmel London for a solution…

I decided to try Rimmel’s Clean Finish Foundation since it’s advertised as a matte, poreless foundation.

Here’s how this foundation stacked up (5 stars being the highest, 1 star being the lowest):

Application: I love the applicator that comes with this foundation! It’s easy to use and applies just the right amount of foundation. 5 stars.

Staying Power: I find that this makeup looks a bit dingy by about 3 o’clock. But I don’t think it’s Rimmel’s fault – my face has a mind (and shine) of its own. 3.5 stars.

Color: There are 16 shades to choose from, so I don’t think finding the perfect color should be a problem. 4 stars.

Mattifying Effect: Here’s where this makeup is a tad confusing. When I first apply the foundation to my face, it looks super oily and the complete opposite of matte – which scared me quite frankly. Once it dries, I’m left with a poreless matte finish but if someone saw me right when I applied it they would certainly think otherwise! 4 stars.

Price: For less than $5 (!!), I think I got a pretty decent foundation. I’ll certainly use this bottle right to the end.

Overall Rating: 4 stars – for the price, applicator, and amount of color choices, I don’t think you can go wrong with Rimmel’s Clean Finish Foundation.

What’s your favorite affordable foundation?

– Cher



1. Kiehl’s Abyssine Cream – I have to admit – I was kind of bummed when I opened my Birchbox and saw wrinkle cream because I don’t quite know how Birchbox knows I’m getting old! 😉 But a few nights trying this cream made me change my mind – it’s lovely and works great, even on my sensitive skin.

2. BVLGARI Omnia Crystalline Eau de Toilette Spray – I really love this scent. The pear scent is divine for spring, and a simple spritz lasted me well into the day.

3. Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF 20 – Eh, I don’t buy into it. You’re supposed to use this as a sunscreen and also to conceal imperfections on the body. I tried it on my legs and don’t think it’s worth the investment – $34 a bottle.

4. Fresh Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment – I LOVED this chapstick since I received it from Sephora for my birthday present. Once I run out of these samples, I plan on buying the full sized tube.

Also, I received a very cute piece of stationary which reminded me that I have to go buy my own set!

Check out my April Birchbox review for some other great products!

– Cher

A good friend of mine introduced me to Tarina Tarantino’s Dollskin Cheek blush back in February (thanks Naud!) and I’ve been fighting temptation to purchase it ever since. I finally caved after finishing my most recent MAKE UP FOR EVER blush. And I have to say, I’m even more in love with this product now that I own it!

(One to five stars, one being the lowest, five being the highest)

Color: Coral with a hint of shimmer, similar to NARS Orgasm but a tinge more orange. I really love this color for summer time. It’s great on bare skin, evened skin with foundation or bronzed skin. The color really pops and is totally buildable. 5 stars
Staying Power: I love blush that you can build. I always like to really make my cheeks POP. But even if you like a more subtle look, using a blush with long staying power is essential. Dollskin Cheek does just that. 5 stars
Application: This product sweeps on beautifully. It’s even, and like I said before, completely buildable. When you first use it, go easy. You may want to apply with your fingers the first few times. My brush picks up a lot of pigment, so if that look isn’t for you, beware! Because of this, I’ll give it 4 stars here.
Cost: $25 This is a little higher than what I like to spend but I feel like the product and end result is really worth it. 4 stars
Overall: 4.5 stars. Go get it girls!

What’s your favorite summer blush?

I’m so excited to write this review and share my newest OBSESSION with all of you! On my hunt for something completely out of the ordinary, I went out on a whim and ordered TokyoMilk’s Everything and Nothing, part of their Femme Fatale collection, without even smelling it. I read one review on Sephora.com and knew I would love this intoxicating, exotic scent.

With fragrance notes of Mandarin, Tuberose, Gardenia, Vetiver, the scent is described as refined, hopeful and poetic.

Here’s how the review breaks down:
(1 to 5 stars, 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest)

Scent: For those of you who are in search of the perfect combo of fruity, floral and woodsy- look no more. The smell is a unique blend of all 3 and leaves my senses wanting more. My belief in this scent is like no other, I’ve found a real gem here. 5 stars
Staying Power: This one is probably top priority on my list. And Everything & Nothing doesn’t disappoint. A few spritzes in the morning and as I write this review at 3:39pm, my scent is still potent and powerful. 5 stars
Price: Here’s the real shocker… a normal 2 oz eau de parfum spray can cost as much as $100 (if not more). This little treasure only cost $36, so imagine my skepticism when I ordered it! 5 stars
To Buy or Not to Buy? This is the first review I’ve done with 5’s across the board. I’m so addicted to this scent! I’m anxious for TokyoMilk to hit my local Sephora so I can test out the others in the Femme Fatale line. Do yourself a favor, pick up one of these gems as a special treat to yourself! And if you get another scent, please let me know how you like it.

So, I’ve been debating doing a wedding nail tutorial this week, but instead of recreating the wheel I decided to gather my favorite looks and link to their own tutorials. When it comes to wedding nails, you don’t want anything too over the top. The focus should be on the bride’s dress and glowing personality, obviously – you don’t want to distract people so they will only focus on the bride’s nails.

However, a fun and otherwise subtle manicure or pedicure is a cute way to show off the bride’s personality… and, hey, it never hurts to draw a little attention to the ring.

Here are my favorite wedding day nails looks and links to their tutorials:

DIY Caviar Manicure

Romantic Lace Nails

Doily Nails

Matte Polka Dots

“Something Blue” Nails (with a cute bow!)

Black Tie Tuxedo Nails (hehe!)

Now, I know in the future when it comes to my special day, I will probably cave in and stick with a pretty light pink Shellac nail… but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have cute options!

– Cher

Accessories, they can make or break any outfit. But this plausible problem intensifies 200% when it comes to what’s considered the most important day of a girl’s life.

Finding the perfect jewelry to go with your wedding dress is essential to making the statement you want on your special day. Be it bold or simple, colorful or clear, or classic or modern, my picks have you covered. Check out some of my fave pieces for brides. Then take a gander at my picks for the bridal party. All these options are very affordable for your wedding party and make fantastic gifts to your girls!

Bling for Brides

Navy Blue Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings, $150

These could be that special something blue.

White and Gray Freshwater Cultured Pearl, Moonstone and Onyx 15.5-18.5″ Necklace, $625

White Freshwater Cultured Pearl 2 Row Bracelet, $125

Fidelity Pierced Earrings, $95

Ready Light Rose Bangle, $55

Rumor Collar, $315

Bling for Bridesmaids
(these double as great gifts!)

Pearl Necklace w/Ribbon Tie, $59.80 for 4

Orchid flower bracelet, $181.25 for 5

Love Bangle, $15

Chandelier earring, $44

Maple Leaf Necklace, $69

Wire wrapped Clear Crystal Briolette, $26

Do you prefer classic pearls or something more modern and playful to accessorize your wedding dress?