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If you hadn’t noticed by now, my taste in all facettes of fashion is bold and statement making with a touch of timeless class. Accessories are no exception here! Swarovski crystal has been a key player in both my jewelry chest, as well as in my gift givings. The pieces are all unique, beautiful and […]



Cher and I are having a blast doing features on other fashion bloggers and retail sites out there. It’s so much fun to see what everyone else is buzzing about! This week’s feature goes out to LuLu’s, a retail site catering to the youth of America, helping them find their own style to carry them […]

The fashion industry is always 2 seasons ahead of the rest of us. Would we be able to make our Spring shopping lists otherwise? Today my fave Long Island native, American designer Michael Kors debuted his Spring 2012 Collection. Streaming the show from my computer wasn’t a first for me, but the way I felt […]