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To finish out celebrity fashion line week, we figured we’d aim high with luxurious picks from The Row. Who could believe that such gorgeous (and expensive) pieces were designed by none other than the twin duo behind Full House’s Michelle Tanner character, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? The same little sweet twins that were known for […]

Jessica Simpson’s style has certainly evolved over the past 15 years. She first graced our presence as the pure songstress with major pipes and a cute “girl next door” look. She has since been known for divorcing famous ex-hubby Nick Lachey, acting in reality shows and movies, and now she runs a one billion dollar […]

Lauren Conrad is an inspiration to fashion and beauty bloggers everywhere. Starting out her journey on the hit MTV shows, “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills,” LC soon discovered she was destined for a career in fashion. Now, she is not only a published author and writer of two very successful blogs ( and, she […]

From her debut appearance on The Hills to now, Whitney Port has come a long way stylistically speaking. Recall her first episode, as she stood next to LC at Teen Vogue, being accused of sporting a too “matchy-matchy” Western outfit for Lisa Love’s liking. Now the Cali turned NYC girl is one of our favorite […]

So much can said be about Gwen Stefani. Punk rocker, entrepreneur, role model, mom, wife (to the beautiful Gavin Rossdale– yum), and for our sake, style icon. Gwen’s style has always been cutting edge and unique. And as long time fans, it’s been so fun watching her style evolve. From a plaid pant-avec-chains and belly […]