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I am always on the hunt for the perfect foundation. My skin is very oily – I go through blotting papers like water – so it’s tough to find a foundation with good lasting coverage that stays matte all day. I’ve recently gathered a few samples of different foundations at Macy’s and I think I […]

Fashion Bibles that is… There are so many great books out there on designers, and style, it’s easy to drop a bunch of money to have the best Fashion Bible collection out there! Along the years, my bookshelves have grown more colorful and more stocked with these great books. Here are some of my top […]

Growing up, I had a slight insecurity about my “five head.” My older brother would constantly refer to me as Jack Nicholson (real clever Tim!). But as I’ve matured, I’ve learned to accept and recently started to love everything that made me uncomfortable as child and young adult; which brings me to my new fave […]