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Gloves, hats, cold weather fabrics and winter white are all crucial to surviving a New England winter in style. I spent the first half of my life complaining about the cold but over the last few years, I’ve really started to embrace, and dare I say, love it! Even on those bitter cold, jack frost […]

The Holidays are undoubtedly around the corner which means it’s time to start crafting your perfect Holiday party look (be it for work, with fam or a night out with friends and the bf). Last week Cher featured some pretty special party numbers full of sequins and sparkle to wear at all of the above […]

I’ve been a hat girl my whole life. They really make an outfit pop and ooze with confidence. When going out with the girls, I’ll sport a fedora. Weekend errands call for my Polo baseball cap. Shoveling the driveway prompts a faux fur trapper hat with under chin ties. Cold winter mornings are made brighter […]