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Gloves, hats, cold weather fabrics and winter white are all crucial to surviving a New England winter in style. I spent the first half of my life complaining about the cold but over the last few years, I’ve really started to embrace, and dare I say, love it! Even on those bitter cold, jack frost […]

I’ve been a hat girl my whole life. They really make an outfit pop and ooze with confidence. When going out with the girls, I’ll sport a fedora. Weekend errands call for my Polo baseball cap. Shoveling the driveway prompts a faux fur trapper hat with under chin ties. Cold winter mornings are made brighter […]

Although it isn’t technically winter by a meterologist’s timeline, I’m gearing up winter’s full blown arrival. I love everything about going to my closet on a cold winter morning and picking out an outfit to keep me warm (and fashionable) throughout my day. Plucking pieces to put together a perfectly polished look is made fun […]

Lauren’s Picks for Siblings…Sisters My sister and I may be 9 years apart but we have so much in common as far as interests and hobbies go. It took her some time to get to be the girly girl she is today but watching her on her journey has been really special. We may fight […]