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Welcome to one of my favorite nail tutorials! Cheetah is one of my favorite prints ever, whether it be on my clothes, accessories, or furniture, and so I figured cheetah nails were a natural progression. Cheetah nails look difficult, but they are surprisingly easy to do and don’t even require a steady hand! I also […]

Half moon manicures are nothing new, but I have been itching to try this nail look with some rich fall colors. I chose a very deep purple and a light gray for this look and I think it came out super cute! The great thing about this particular manicure is that it is totally simple […]

So after my ombre look last week, I thought I’d try something similar but with a little personal twist. I call these nails “ink dipped” for the mere fact that it looks like I stuck the tips of my nails into a vat of ink. They are smudged and have a gradient affect that just […]

Hi all! Since nail art is my favorite thing to do, I figured I’d share a tutorial on how to do this simple ombre nail design on your own. I used blue for my nails for a rippled ocean effect, but you can use any group of polishes in the same color family to do […]

You name it, I’ll try it when it comes to my nails. Unfortunately, this wasn’t always the case. I started biting my nails at a very young age, for whatever reason kids develop that bad habit. My mother tried everything to make me stop — from the bitter tasting nail polish to downright pawing my […]