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nails inc. has become one of my favorite product lines, constantly blowing my mind with new nail innovations for the nail art challenged (like myself). Hey, we can’t all have steady hands like Cher who keeps making me drool with her sophisticated, ever girly and sometimes daring nail art! OPI did a matte polish line […]

nails inc. is totally knocking my socks off lately! After Cher shared her thoughts on their ever popular magnetic polish (and prompted me to get the purple one) I decided to try their Holographic Glitter Top Coat. Now I am by no means as skilled as Cher is in the nail department. I’m typically sloppy […]

If any of my fellow nail polish lovers are like me and are sick of shatter and crackle polishes, then this nail polish is for you! I’ve been dying to try magnetic polish ever since I read about it a few months ago. Today the urge was so strong that I just sucked it up […]