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As EBF’s Transition Pieces week progresses, we hope you’re finding great styling tips and ideas to give your closet new uses and pairings. We love hearing the snap of a price tag being removed from a new garment as much as the next girl but scaling back is a mission for both of us this […]

Colored denim is all the rage this spring, for good reason. Colored jeans are way more fun and playful than regular ol’ denim and can be dressed up or down so simply. J. Brand has some of the best colored denim pieces around – and they are such good quality that they could be worn […]

Just one more day until we’re officially in Spring! New England the last few weeks has given us a small glimpse as to what’s ahead this Printemps season: 65 degree days, sunshine and the dreaded spiders (cringe, shutter, skeeve). Each new season brings on the urge to splurge. But before you whip out that plastic, […]