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Although it isn’t technically winter by a meterologist’s timeline, I’m gearing up winter’s full blown arrival. I love everything about going to my closet on a cold winter morning and picking out an outfit to keep me warm (and fashionable) throughout my day. Plucking pieces to put together a perfectly polished look is made fun […]

Aside from that being one of my most favorite Christmas songs, it was my inspiration behind this post. I adore winter white, can you say major? It looks killer with red, chocolate brown or black. Sadly, I have this habit of discovering mysterious spots and stains on my clothing and have no idea how they […]

Buckle Up!


Finding pieces with intricate, unique details is the key to any successful and expressive wardrobe. Sparkles, beading, bows and ruffles are getting a little tired for me. These items hanging towards the back of my closet forced me to explore other options to add something different. My new obsession is buckles. Typically reserved for riding […]